Organizational Announcement – New Managing Director for FEGIME Finland & Baltics

nov. 18, 2016, 5:34 p.l.

effective November 14th, 2016

We are very pleased to announce the hiring of Dennis Belajevs as Managing Director for FEGIME Finland & Baltics, effective November 14th, 2016. Dennis Belajevs has over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of electrical wholesale, industrial and building project sales for major construction projects for building, manufacturing & process industries, power plants, government and military authorities, DIYs, OEMs, as well as in export.

Dennis studied electrical engineering and ICT at the Riga Technical University (M.Sc.) and mini MBA Business at MTDC, Warsaw by ABB Ltd. and  have been working in Electrical Wholesale, Low Voltage Products, Construction, Industry, Energy and ICT in the Nordics and Baltics over the last 20 years, first as Sales Agent (1993), then as Sales Engineer (1994), then as Department Manager (1995-2000), then as Regional Director Baltics and Business Development Director Baltics for various clients including himself; Executive management experience includes top positions in Siemens, ABB, Latvenergo in the Baltics and Nordics. Since 2013 he claimed the position of the Digital Marketing Director of eCommerce Booking Group SIA, responsible for the global business of Dennis’ solid Business Development, Sales, Web and Digital Marketing skills will be great assets for FEGIME Finland & Baltics.

Our stakeholders possesses strong technical knowledge and long experience in the electrical wholesale.  We are very confident that with Dennis Belajevs’ leadership, they will deliver great value and innovation to our members, suppliers and customers. We envision a great future for FEGIME Finland & Baltics.



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FEGIME Finland and Baltics is a part of Fegime, European Federation of Independent Electrical Wholesalers a business alliance of independent electrical wholesalers. FEGIME's objective is to unite the strength of the small and medium size traders to the benefit of the owners, employees, customers, and suppliers.


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